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In October I began my training as a Sound Therapy practitioner at The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST)

The first intensive module of the Sound Therapy practitioner course was held at the University of Chichester at the delightful Bognor Regis campus. There now follows a period of coursework and case studies. The training covered a vast amount of material relating to the sound and gong baths, sound-scape creation and the therapeutic application of drumming. I shall be looking for willing people to experience sessions as part of my case studies so please let me know if this would be of interest to you or the groups you work with. I have already incorporated some of the instruments and playing techniques into my existing group work and will be holding some special relaxation-based sessions as an antidote to all the nonsense that we are surrounded with at this time of year!

I have been privileged to be able to acquire some beautiful sensory instruments including two large gongs which have a sound that is too rich and powerful to be described in words. These instruments will be used in my on-going work with people at the end of the dementia journey which will form an important part of my project work in 2018.

My thanks go out to the wonderful friends I made at the Sound Therapy practitioner training, from many parts of the world and all different backgrounds. I learned so much from sharing experiences and laughter with you all and I am sure many of us will keep in touch. The gift of friendship is invaluable as is the love of sound that brings us together. One friend quoted recently, ‘The Earth without art is just…Eh?’

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