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Business Team Collaboration Activities

Older People Playing drum

We run fully inclusive workshops using African or Brazilian drums and other percussion instruments. This is an ideal team building or group celebration activity because the emphasis is on communicating and listening, and working as a team. There is an element of competition but rather than shooting at each other we work cooperatively to create a satisfying piece of percussion music.


Benefits to the Company:

  • Develops cooperating and problem solving skills 
  • Bespoke service – we work to your requirements
  • Increased motivation – a creative physical activity different to the work routine
  • Improved communication skills including non-verbal
  • Teaches techniques for delegating
  • Integrates new and existing team members
  • Reduced absenteeism through motivation and stress management
  • Great for client entertaining and networking

Benefits to the individual:

  • Something different - learn to play instruments
  • The opportunity to reinvent oneself as a team player
  • Generates laughter, the best stress-buster there is!
  • Teams return to work with better working relationships

Beat It welcomes enquiries from business teams.

Community Arts

Older People Playing drum

Beat It provides participatory music making activities for community groups, arts organisations and cultural exchange groups. Activities can be open to the public or specific to the host group. Suitable for adults, young people, families, mixed groups and people of different abilities. 


Beat It facilitated a drumming foot procession at the 2016 Hereford River Carnival with Aspire, Hereford . On the day we paraded through Hereford as part of the main River Carnival procession. People of all ages and abilities participated and we were fully integrated into the main event.

During a community arts workshop typical activities include:

  • Demonstration of a range of drums and percussion instruments
  • Facilitating a number of rhythm-based games and warm up exercises
  • Instructing participants in playing at least two of the instruments
  • Creating a rhythm played in parts by the whole group
  • Leading an impromptu procession of participants around the venue or street.

Beat It welcomes enquiries from community groups and events organisers.


Health and Social Care

Older People Playing drum

Beat It Percussion has wide, first-hand knowledge of the healing power of making music and drumming in particular. We work with a range of groups to enable the therapeutic aspects of drumming to engage, stimulate and give confidence to people of all ages and abilities.


Beat It works with:

  • Children young people and adults with learning disabilities
  • People with mental health issues
  • Older people
  • People with sensory impairment
  • People with physical disability

During 2015 we carried out a series of workshops at Westfield Special School in Leominster, Herefordshire, with the support of Herefordshire Community Foundation. We worked with a group of sixth form student  with learning disabilities. The emphasis with this group was to develop team working and listening skills, and produce a live mini-performance at the end of the course.

Ability levels were very varied. We began the sessions with simple rhythm games using voices and sticks, giving people the chance to relax and share laughter. We then introduced drums and percussion instruments, allowing students to choose and to experiment with ways to produce sound. Students were encouraged to lead activities within the session and to share skills with peers and staff. We used instruments from a variety of countries and cultures including the ever-popular African drums.

As the sessions progressed we saw progress in individuals and in the group, including:

  • A high level of rhythmic skills especially mimicking, repeating and developing rhythmic ideas
  • Increased listening skills and awareness of others demonstrated by turn-taking and sharing instruments
  • A sense of achievement and pride through sharing skills both during the sessions and at the performance
  • Effective team working as shown by playing increasingly complex rhythms together in time
  • Social inclusion with group members of all ability levels participating together


Beat It welcomes enquiries from groups of people of all abilities in the community.


Older People Playing drum

Beat It provides bespoke programmes for Special Schools. We provide one-off sessions or series of workshops for a term or half a term.

We also work with Primary Schools and Secondary Schools, and collaborate in inter-generational activities where children work together with older adults using drumming as a communication tool - and having fun while learning about issues of ageing and different abilities.


New in 2016, our Drumming World Programme is a ten week fully participatory course for Key Stages 1 & 2 including Special Schools which introduces drums and percussion instruments from around the world. We also provide single sessions selected from our programme, for example an African drumming activity or a Brazilian Carnival activity. 
By the end of this course children will have explored the use of music as a creative medium. They will compare the importance of music in different cultures and traditions and understand the role of the drum in communication.

A recent course of 6 sessions for the 6th formers at Westfield Special School in Leominster formed part of their Performing Arts and Media Studies programme.

Beat It supports curriculum delivery through:

  • Supporting Literacy with emphasis on speaking and listening communication skills
  • Supporting Numeracy as counting and pattern are integral to the activities
  • Flexible – we can work across the school and with different abilities, working with a number of classes during the school day
  • Suitable use for Pupil Premium, as an enrichment activity for harder to reach children
  • Incorporating cultural and citizenship aspects. “…Social and Cultural development… forms part of the descriptor for Outstanding Overall Effectiveness”.(Ofsted Inspection Framework 2014)
  • Ideal for use as a PPA option (supported by TA)
  • Suitable for staff CPD with further staff training as an option if desired.

Beat It provides the national qualification, Arts Award at four levels and specialises in adapting Arts Award for Special School settings. 

Beat It welcomes enquiries from schools.


Working with Older People

Older People Playing drum

Drumming Together (for Dementia) is a new programme of community drumming workshops for people living with dementia and their care givers. Funded by the Big Lottery People's Project, Drumming Together is run in partnership with the Alzheimer's Society and the Courtyard Centre for the Arts in Hereford. 


Beat It Percussion CIC works with older people and those who are living with Dementia in residential and day care settings. Our multi-sensory music workshops incorporate the principles of music therapy and we have a wide range of musical instruments which can be adapted for use by individuals with varying levels of strength and ability. Benefits include:

  • Social Inclusion.Through taking part in drumming activities people contribute to the creative process, feel involved and have fun.
  • Emotional and Cognitive Well Being. Our instruments stimulate reminiscence and conversation. Learning new skills and rediscovering forgotten skills gives people renewed confidence and self-esteem .
  • Physical Well Being. Mobility is key to independence and by motivating people to keep moving we are helping maintain their autonomy.

During 2016 Beat It Percussion CIC is developing its provision for people who are living with dementia across the West Midlands and Wales. Thanks to the support of local community group A Different Beat and other partner organisations, we are now working in Powys with a small Lottery-funded Pilot Project as well as continuing our research and delivering sessions in Herefordshire and  beyond.

‘Older people in research who were actively engaged in musical activities felt that they had greater control over their lives, had more pleasure and felt more cared for than those who did not have access to musical activities’ Dr Maria Varvarigou, New Dynamics of Ageing, Music Making for Older People 2012.

Pilot Project Beat It invites enquiries from nursing and care homes, hospices and respite services.

Everyone should have the chance to beat a drum