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The sense of achievement and purpose gives (residents) confidence. This activity gives people a buzz as they all have a turn and there is anticipation waiting for your turn, a controlled anxiety leading to a sense of achievement.

Rita Graham
Activities Co-ordinator, West Eaton Care Home

It has been something different, it was nice helping each other and joining in, it has been fun.

Group member
BUDS Dementia Club, Tipton, Sandwell

I was surprised by how well the students followed the rhythm and improved in their ability to follow a beat and listen to instructions.

Teaching staff
Westfield Special School, Leominster

Very enjoyable – a sense of ‘get-togetherness!’

Lunch Club at Saxon Hall, Hereford

Wonderful – I smiled from start to finish, FUN!  : ) 

Workshop participant
Feat Beats Dance School, Hereford

I want to say thank you for giving my husband the chance to participate in this. He has actually enjoyed showing me what he can do. It is a long time since he connected in this way, and I have seen him in his element being entertaining. Thank you for this glimpse of the ‘old’ B.


Dementia Care Home

A big barrier in the home in folk coming together is often difficulty in communicating. Folk sometimes may not know what to say to each other, feel uncomfortable, or are unsure how to make a meaningful connection. I have found the sessions very helpful in providing a universal form of communication and one that all those who wish to take part in can do so.

Jabez Bluck
Activities Co-ordinator Ravenstone Nursing Home

Everyone should have the chance to beat a drum